A Season of Reason

The Season of Reason

Reason’s Greeting!

We hope everyone enjoyed Newtonmas, the first day of the Season of Reason.  Now it is onto Day 2!  

Each day in the Season of Reason will highlight a technological accomplishment or one of humanity’s great thinkers.  When we examine an event, accomplishment, or an invention we will focus on the thinking that produced it as well as its impact on the world today.  When we ponder one of our great thinkers, inventors, or scientists we will study their biography as well as their legacy on the world of science and technology.  Whether we examine a person or an accomplishment you can be sure that the subject will deserve our admiration and a few moments of our time to remember the gift they gave humanity.  Hopefully we can figure out a fun way to honor this person or event with some action that is easy and accessible to everyone.

This is where your suggestions are vital.  There are many smart and creative people who observe the Season of Reason.  If you have any suggestions on who/what to honor and an action that is fun and relevant to the subject, please leave your idea in the comments section below, tweet us @reasonsgreeting, or email info@newtonmas.net.

December 25 - Day 1 - Newtonmas

December 26 - Day 2 - Galileo Galilei

December 27 - Day 3 - To be announced

December 28 - Day 4 - To be announced

December 29 - Day 5 - To be announced

December 30 - Day 6 - To be announced

December 31 - Day 7 - To be announced

January 1 - Day 8 - Last Day of the Season of Reason - To be announced